PEOPLE OF COLOR BEAUTY is a non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free nail polish brand made to complement the various shades of brown skin as the first thought, not an afterthought. Nail polish for People of Color and those who live in color.

KINETIK SOUL is an eco friendly brand created from a need for lightweight,nickel free jewelry. Marie (who discovered her nickel allergy in childhood) designs her jewelry by applying her hand drawn textiles onto bamboo. This combination creates wearable art that is both sustainable & fashionable.

QUENCHEDbyFE is a natural skin care and beauty business committed to changing the way you approach skincare by providing quality natural and organic ingredients. All products are formulated with natural oils, herbs, and butters. Fragrances are obtained with high quality essential oils. Our products are designed for any consumer that desires a natural toxin free product produced in small batches.

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